Size Chart


Quiet studio is represented by german-based leather designer Alicia Ellen rica mendez - known for her bondage leanings.

Each item is made custom per order. We have different sizing charts but not everyone has the same proportions- this is why we also make items custom-made with no extra fee. Feel free to send us your measurements to get perfectly fitted accessories from us.

If you are not sure which size would be the best for you, don't hesitate to contact us via contact form or contact us at



SIZE         XS               S                 M             L                    XL/LL

WAIST      22,4-24''     24''-26''     27''-29''      30''-32''      33''-35''     

HIPS       29,4-31''      31-34''        35-38''        39-42''       43-46''

NECK       11-13,4''     11-13,4''     13,4-15,4''  15,4-16,4''     > 16,4''

LEGS       18,5-20''   20-21,65''     21,65-22,8''  22,8-24,4''   > 24,4''




SIZE          XS                 S                    M                  L                  XL/LL

waist        56-61cm     61-66cm        67-74cm       74-81cm       81-89cm  

hips         74-78cm     78-87cm        87-96cm       96-106cm     106-116cm

neck         29-34cm      29-34cm       34-39cm       39-41cm     > 42cm

legs         47-51cm      51-55cm       55-59cm       59-63cm       > 64cm